Carinthian Declaration of the European Youth Hostel Associations

The representatives of the European Youth Hostel Associations gathered in Carinthia from 25.3. to 27.3.2022 within the framework of their annual European Regional Conference have unanimously adopted the following joint declaration:

We are deeply shocked that this February war has broken out again in Europe.

The images we have had to see every day for weeks, the suffering of the people and the destruction of their livelihoods fill us with bewilderment and deep sadness. As we strongly condemn every war, we strongly condemn this aggression of the Russian leadership against Ukraine, and all other inhumane actions of any country that are contrary to international law.

By promoting encounters, exchanges and shared experiences, the European Youth Hostel Associations have contributed to peaceful coexistence and international understanding between the people of Europe for over 100 years. By getting to know each other and providing mutual insights into local life and culture, understanding for each other and friendships across national and linguistic borders have developed throughout Europe and the world.

We therefore call on all National Associations in our network to find suitable ways to support those affected by the conflict, especially young people and families.

The central values of the international Youth Hostel Movement are peace, mutual respect and international understanding!

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