Quality and standards

Your travel budget may be a little limited, but the quality of accommodation offered by Hostelling International is not! Our guaranteed Quality Standards (often imitated but never achieved!) guarantee a safe, clean and comfortable stay and a consistently high level of services and facilities no matter where you travel. In addition, the Youth Hostel Associations are concerned to operate their hostel in an environmentally friendly manner.

The hostel standards are regularly monitored by our highly qualified inspection team, by so-called “mystery shoppers” (independent travelers like you!) and of course by you, the guest. Send us your hints and tell us about your hostel experiences.

Guaranteed quality

Hostelling International’s Assured Standards Scheme implies that you can rely on consistent service and equipment standards in our hostels wherever you stay.

Compliance with the quality assurance program is monitored through regular visits to the hostels by the HI inspection team. These inspections come to the hostels without notice – this is how our inspectors get the same impressions as you! Additionally, we regularly send backpackers to our hostels (mystery shoppers) – these programs ensure that quality is accurate and customer service standards are met.


Hostels are open to all people. If you are not yet a member, you can get it here and book in advance. If the hostel is closed for part of the day, you still have access to all the major facilities.


A “good night’s sleep” (including rental of fresh sheets, if not included in the room rate) and plenty of washing / shower facilities. Meals and self-catering facilities are generally offered. Grocery stores are usually nearby.


Highest hygiene standards, wherever you travel!


For you as a person and your property, including lockers for luggage and valuables.


In showers, washrooms and toilets. In our hostels there are mostly bedrooms separated by gender – but on request, common sleeping areas can be provided for groups.

The standards are constantly monitored by Hostelling International and you, the guests. Use the hint cards and tell us your opinion!