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Servus! Welcome to Austria!

Discover the real hostel experience and visit our hostel accommodation in Austria, meet our friendly staff who can help you find the best things to do and see. HI Hostels are great places to meet fellow travellers from destinations worldwide.

Visit Austria for unforgettable experiences in unforgettable places. Austria is immensely diverse and the culture is rich in variety, with vast spaces of unrestricted nature alongside pulsating cities, historic villages and splendid cultivated landscapes. Dotted around the countryside are historic fortresses, castles and monasteries. The legendary Austrian easy living says it all: pure, laid back enjoyment coupled to a let’s-see-where-it-takes-us approach, obtainable at inns, wine picnic bars and archaic mountain huts everywhere you go.

The Austrian Youth Hostel Association offers for over 75 years a non-profit and affordable overnight accommodation with high quality for groups, backpackers and families in Austria. Say HI to Austria with our hostels...

Advantages of Youth Hostels:

  1. We are not just any cheap accommodation - we offer a non-profit accommodation for the youth, families and travelers
  2. There is no age limit – all age groups are welcome!
  3. More comfort than you think! Bunk beds and dorms? Yes, we admit it: The bunk beds are still there. 🙂 But you can book comfortable private rooms in many youth hostels! Travellers on a low budget are still able to sleep in smaller shared rooms and can meet new people. But large dorms? They are really history... 🙂
  4. In Austria there are 60 youth hostels or partner hostels where you can get tips for activities in the region - explore Austria with us!
  5. We are a proud member of Hostelling International ( – the largest non-profit accommodation service in the world
  6. With a membership in the Austrian Youth Hostel Association you will also become a worldwide member of Hostelling International you will find over 3.000 hostels worldwide. Become a member now
  7. Join a large community and meet new friends from all over the world
  8. Our Membership doesn´t offer you overnight discounts only - both in Austria and abroad, there are numerous benefits for leisure activities and highlights in the respective region. More Info…
  9. Also suitable for groups and seminars - youth hostels are an ideal place to stay for the next group trip! Ask also for seminar rooms in the youth hostels, which can be rented cheaply. More Info…
  10. Offers and programs for school trips – we have been partners for schools for decades when it comes to school trips, ski lessons, school weekends and sports weeks. More Info…

We are looking forward to your visit!

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