Restart 2021: We are back!

We are back for you! Our teams are really looking forward to welcoming you again!

Information about the open youth hostels:

Youth Hostel:Expected opening date:
Youth Hostel St. Gilgen19.05.2021
Youth Hostel Mondsee19.05.2021
Youth Hostel Linz19.05.2021
Youth Hostel Velden Cap Wörth20.05.2021
Youth Hostel KlagenfurtEnd of May 2021
Youth Hostel VillachEnd of May 2021
Youth Hostel HeiligenblutEnd of May 2021
Youth Hostel Krems01.06.2021
Youth Hostel Bad IschlMiddle of June 2021 (renovation)
Youth Hostel St. Pölten01.07.2021
Youth Hostel Neu Nagelberg01.07.2021
Youth Hostel Schloss Ulmerfeld01.07.2021
1200 Vienna Youth Hostel Brigittenau01.09.2021
1200 Vienna Brigittenau Youth Palace01.09.2021
1070 Vienna Youth Hostel Myrthengasse01.09.2021

A great summer is coming. The forecasts promise wonderful temperatures and dream days. We are highly motivated and are in the starting blocks for our guests! We will make the best of our new working conditions for you and make every effort to give you carefree holidays! In addition to the measures and precautions, you can be sure of one thing: we want to give you your well-deserved vacation and are happy to assist you as hosts as usual.

The safety for our guests is of course our top priority, but above all we want to offer you a nice, relaxed & sporty family vacation. Above all, we appeal to the personal responsibility of our guests. We will create ideal conditions for you to ensure a safe holiday.

You will soon find out more information about the safety measures and the hygiene rules here!

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