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#10YearChallenge Austrian Youth Hostel Association

#10YearChallenge Austrian Youth Hostel Association – Challenge accepted! 🙂


Booking.com Awards 2018 for OEJHV Carinthia

We are pleased that the youth hostels Heiligenblut, Velden Cap Wörth and Klagenfurt have been awarded with the Guest Review Awards 2018 on www.booking.com 👍a reward for all the efforts of our employees of OEJHV Carinthia. We congratulate and are sure that 2019 will be followed by other awards. 😁



Stronger Together: Kick-Off Meeting 2019

The managing directors of Vienna, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Upper Austria and the head office met this week in Vienna to plan new activities for the hostels in Austria and to intensify their cooperation. The mood was very productive and good and you can see that in the group photo too… 🙂

Gruppenfoto Kick-Off-Meeting 2019 GF

In the picture (from left to right): Christoph Sammer (Deputy CEO head office), Willy Schubert (CEO head office), Manfred Paganotta (CEO VWJ Vienna), Markus Wutscher (CEO ÖJHV Carinthia), Claudia Scheibenpflug (head office), Timea Szabo (CEO ÖJHV Lower Austria), Sabine Kempinger (CEO ÖJHV Upper Austria)


Merry Christmas!

Kids, how time flies. Christmas is coming soon and the year 2018 is soon over.

We take a break. Our office and member service at Zelinkagasse 12 is closed from 22.12.2018 to 06.01.2019. From 07.01.2019 we are back for you!

In the meantime you can contact our colleagues from the Upper Austrian Youth Hostel Association under office@myhostel.at or +43 (0) 732 654 286 .

We wish you a Merry Christmas
and a good start to the new year!


HI workshop for even better quality in our organization

A successful workshop on quality management took place in the Youth Hostel Linz on 13.12.2018 and motivates our employees even more to improve. Thanks also to Jürgen Gross from the HI-Q program of Hostelling International!

Participants (from left to right):

  • Markus Wutscher, CEO Carinthian Youth Hostel Association
  • Sabine Kempinger, CEO Upper Austrian Youth Hostels Association
  • Christoph Sammer, Deputy Federal CEO
  • Timea Szabo, CEO Lower Austrian Youth Hostels Association
  • Jurgen Gross, Workshop Leader / HI-Q consultant

About us: Portraits of our employees

We spontaneously decided to record our most important asset in a portrait series: our worthy employees. We think that we succeeded very well … 🙂

More photos will follow …

Querfeldein 2 2018 News

Querfeldein 2/2018 Travel Magazine published

QUERFELDEIN, the travel magazine for our members, has been released as edition 2/2018 in October.

Content (in German only):

  • Bilbao: A city reinvents itself – travel report by Stefan Veigl
  • Bolzano: Strolling as in the Middle Ages – travel report by Stefan Veigl
  • News / Stories: New climbing hall in Klagenfurt, BFI Apprentice Games Cap Wörth
  • Postalm: My Winter Magic at Yout Hostel St. Gilgen
  • A new baby in Upper Austria: the Youth Hostel Braunau

Cover Photo: Stefan Veigl

Eröffnung der Boulderhalle im Jugendgästehaus Klagenfurt

Climbing hall in Klagenfurt opened

Our Youth Hostel in Klagenfurt offers now one more attraction. On Friday, September 14, 2018, we were able to open our new climbing hall, which we have built directly next to the youth hostel.

In our house in Klagenfurt, we register approximately 20,000 overnights a year. The house is directly in the university district near the lake Wörthersee. We are very pleased that we can offer a new great attraction to our guests in the future.

Querfeldein 1 2018 News

Querfeldein 1/2018 Travel Magazine published

QUERFELDEIN, the travel magazine for our members, has been released as edition 1/2018 end of May.

Content (in German only):

  • Lake Garda: a lake that is almost a sea – travel report by Stefan Veigl
  • Munich: Stefan Veigl was in the Weißwurst metropolis
  • Riding holidays in Mondseeland
  • Neu Nagelberg has reopened and presents a new summer camp
  • News / Stories from Vienna & Carinthia
  • New website: www.oejhv.at modernized
  • Anniversary Linz: Against forgetting

Cover Photo: Stefan Veigl

News Jugendherbergsverzeichnis / Hostel Guide Austria

New Hostel Guide Austria 2018

The new Hostel Guide 2018 for Austria will be published soon … 

The catalog offers a street map with the addresses and contact information of all hostels and member discounts in Austria at a glance!

Tip: If you would like to have a copy, you can easily and conveniently order it by e-mail at office@oejhv.at or browse our catalog overview and order several brochures from us.

News Jugendherbergskatalog 2018

Youth Hostel Catalog Austria 2018 (in German)

Finally: The new Youth Hostel catalog for Austria will be published soon …

The catalog offers detailed information and prices about the Youth Hostels of the Austrian Youth Hostel Association in Carinthia, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol and Vienna at a glance. Scope: 40 pages

Tip: If you would like to have a copy, you can easily and conveniently order it by e-mail at office@oejhv.at or browse our catalog overview and order several brochures from us.

Neue Website www.oejhv.at - Responsive Design

New Website with responsive design

Something is different.

Oh yes, we did some hard work and made our website new. It is not only beautiful and clear to navigate, it also adapts automatically to the device you are currently using. Whether on a computer, tablet or smartphone: www.oejhv.at looks always beautiful!