Matura trip in Austria? Treat yourself on Matura trips with hostel prices

Yes, we all imagined something different in 2020. 2020 wasn't your year? We have an idea: treat yourself NOW with a Matura trip in Austria.

Treat yourself and your friends to a few relaxed days at the lake, in nature or in the city center and let yourself be celebrated! Sun, summer and the city are waiting - all that with Hostel prices!

And where?

Only this year there we have an exclusive Matura trip offer in Austria: Spend your Matura trip in the Salzkammergut, in Carinthia or for the survival fans in the Waldviertel. 😉

And where's the beach? In St. Gilgen you only have to cross the street and Cap Wörth even has its own private beach with large sunbathing areas, whether in the sun or in the shade. You will get tanned anyway. Also in Klagenfurt, Villach, Mondsee and Bad Ischl the lake is not far away and there is a special highlight in Neu Nagelberg in the Waldviertel: You can even book the whole house for yourself and use the swimming pond in the garden and celebrate undisturbed in the idyllic forest.

What does it cost?

You don't have to clear your grandma's savings book to go on a Matura trip. We offer cheap packages for 3, 5 or 7 nights with breakfast, half board or full board. And off you go with € 52.50 for 3 nights! And best of all: the more come, the cheaper it gets. With 10 people there is one person free of charge, with 20 people there are even two persons free of charge.

Special Deal:

The Youth Hostel Neu Nagelberg with its own swimming pond and garden can be booked as a whole house for yourself  for EUR 500 per night! The house has a capacity of 37 beds - depending on how many people are staying, you can get an incredible bargain. So - who did well in the math school? 😉

Sleep-in Service:

No time for breakfast? No problem - just ask for our packed lunches at the Youth Hostel.


HostelsPrice 3 NightsPrice 5 NightsPrice 7 Nights
St. Gilgen, Mondsee, Bad Ischl75,00 €125,00 €175,00 €
Linz81,00 €135,00 €189,00 €
Neu Nagelberg52,50 €87,50 €122,50 €
Klagenfurt, Villach73,50 €122,50 €171,50 €
Velden Cap Wörth88,50 €147,50 €206,50 €
Half board surchargePrice 3 NightsPrice 5 NightsPrice 7 Nights
St. Gilgen, Mondsee, Bad Ischl24,00 €40,00 €56,00 €
Linz24,00 €40,00 €56,00 €
Neu Nagelberg21,60 €36,00 €50,40 €
Klagenfurt, Villach25,50 €42,50 €59,50 €
Velden Cap Wörth25,50 €42,50 €59,50 €
Full board surchargePrice 3 NightsPrice 5 NightsPrice 7 Nights
St. Gilgen, Mondsee, Bad Ischl45,00 €75,00 €105,00 €
Linz45,00 €75,00 €105,00 €
Neu Nagelberg41,40 €69,00 €96,60 €
Klagenfurt, Villach51,00 €85,00 €119,00 €
Velden Cap Wörth51,00 €85,00 €119,00 €
* Promotion valid for overnight stays from 04.06.2020 to 31.07.2020 in the participating Youth Hostels (subject to availability) with the coupon code MATURA20. Prices are per person and stay in a shared room. From 10 people including one person free of charge, from 20 people including two persons free of charge. Can not be combined with other promotions.

And who is driving?

Tired of driving yourself? You can easily organize a coach! In cooperation with our cooperation partner EBA Bus-Offer GmbH you can easily compare prices and easily book the bus right away! Give it a try ...

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