COVID-19 information & measures for your safety

We are back for you! Our teams are really looking forward to welcoming you again!

Information about the open youth hostels:

Youth Hostel:Expected opening date:
Youth Hostel St. GilgenOpen
Youth Hostel MondseeOpen
Youth Hostel LinzOpen
Youth Hostel Velden Cap WörthOpen
Youth Hostel KlagenfurtOpen
Youth Hostel VillachOpen
Youth Hostel HeiligenblutOpen
Youth Hostel KremsOpen
Youth Hostel Bad IschlOpen
Youth Hostel St. PöltenOpen
Youth Hostel Neu NagelbergOpen
1200 Vienna Youth Hostel BrigittenauOpen
1200 Vienna Brigittenau Youth PalaceOpen
1070 Vienna Youth Hostel MyrthengasseClosed until further notice
Youth Hostel Schloss UlmerfeldClosed until further notice

We are highly motivated and are in the starting blocks for our guests! We will make the best of our new working conditions for you and make every effort to give you carefree holidays! In addition to the measures and precautions, you can be sure of one thing: we want to give you your well-deserved vacation and are happy to assist you as hosts as usual. The safety for our guests is of course our top priority, but above all we want to offer you a nice, relaxed & sporty family vacation. Above all, we appeal to the personal responsibility of our guests. We will create ideal conditions for you to ensure a safe holiday.

Dear Guest!

As your host, we have prepared ourselves well and have taken numerous measures so that you feel comfortable. Together with your responsible behavior, nothing stands in the way of a safe and carefree holiday.

We have summarized the most important recommendations, such as keeping distance, wearing a mask in public areas, washing and disinfecting your hands, not touching your face, or sneezing or coughing in the crook of your arm, for you.

Should you feel ill before your arrival, should there be a suspected case or should you be the contact person for a confirmed case, we ask you not to travel for your and our protection and to visit us at a later point in time after the symptoms of the illness have subsided. If symptoms occur during your stay, please stay in your room and contact our reception. We will then immediately contact the health authority or the medical officer for further instructions, which must be followed.

If you have further questions, please don´t hesitate to contact us. You can also find the currently guidelines for a safe stay at We wish you a safe and wonderful stay with us.

Your team of the
Austrian Youth Hostel Association

Requirement for accommodation from 15.9.2021

  • At check-in, you are required to show a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination/past infection (so-called "3-G rules")
  • In addition to all previous evidence, the certificate / QR code in the digital green pass and the EU COVID-19 certificate will also apply
  • The vaccination can be proved with the green pass, a vaccination card or printout (only after complete immunization with two vaccine doses or, in the case of Johnson & Johnson, with one vaccination - valid until 360 days after vaccination)
  • Recovery: green pass, official notice, antibody test etc. (up to 180 days after the illness)
  • Valid COVID-19 Tests are:
    • Negative PCR test (validity: 72 hours or 48 hours in Vienna)
    • Negative antigen test from official testing authorities, pharmacy, etc. (validity: 24 hours)
    • The test must be renewed by the guest after the period of validity has expired
    • In exceptional cases, self-tests can also be carried out under the supervision of the operator of the accommodation
    • School tests will also count as entry tests for children.
    • Children under 12 years are exempt from the obligation to test (in Vienna under 6 years!)

New COVID-19 graduated scheme from 15.9.2021

  • Level 1: 10% (200 beds) of the Intensive Care Units (ICU)
  • Level 2: 15% (300 beds) of the Intensive Care Units (ICU)
  • Level 3: 20% (400 beds) of the Intensive Care Units (ICU)

Level 1 – currently valid:

  • Reduction of the period of validity of the antigen tests from 48 to 24 hours
  • The controls to ensure compliance with the measures (3-G rules) are being strengthened
  • Wearing an FFP2 mask applies to all employees and guests who cannot provide evidence of vaccination and recovery
  • Tested/Vaccinated/Recovered rule for events of 25 people or more (previously 100 people)

Level 2 – from 15% ICU occupancy:

  • The following additional measures take place here:
    • Antigen tests with self-acceptance ("living room tests") are no longer permitted as evidence of admission
    • Introduction of the 2-G rule (vaccinated and recovered - elimination of tests) for events without assigned seats for more than 500 people
  • Level 2 comes into effect seven days after the intensive care bed occupancy rate of 15 percent (300 beds) has been exceeded

Level 3 – from 20 % ICU occupancy:

  • The following additional measures take place here:
    • Antigen tests are no longer acceptable as evidence of admission. Therefore, instead of the 3-G rule, the following applies as proof of entry: vaccinated, recovered, tested with a PCR test
  • Level 3 comes into effect seven days after the intensive care bed occupancy rate of 20 percent (400 beds) has been exceeded

Test offers before arrival and during your stay

  • Free COVID-19 antigen rapid tests and PCR tests in official testing authorities and pharmacies:
    • Online platform:
    • Information and registration by phone: +43 800/220 330 (daily from 7:00 to 22:00)
    • PCR Tests at home in Upper Austria and Vienna:
    • Subject to possible restrictions for guests without Austrian residence or Austrian health insurance.

Behavior for guests in accommodation facilities from 15.9.2021

  1. When entering for the first time, please present a valid proof of a low epidemiological risk (test, vaccination, recovery). Furthermore, valid proof of a low epidemiological risk (test, vaccination, convalescence) is always required for entering gastronomic facilities, sports facilities and leisure facilities in accommodation facilities. This Evidence must be kept ready for the duration of the stay.
  2. If possible, keep a minimum distance of 1 m (3.3 ft) to other guest groups
  3. Wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory in all public indoor areas, unless vaccination or recovery can be proven. Even then, wearing an FFP2 mask is recommended.
  4. Reserve in advance if possible. Reduce congestion at reception and in the restaurant.
  5. Pay contactless if possible. Preferably settle the invoice with a card.
  6. Please follow the instructions of the employees.
  7. Avoid shaking hands and hugs.
  8. Wash hands several times a day with soap and water for at least 30 seconds.
  9. Avoid touching the face with uncleaned hands.
  10. Sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief.
  11. Do not travel if there are signs of illness. If there are any signs during your stay, contact the reception.
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