Prices Membership Year 2018

Until 15 years (Cat 1)freeuntil 16th birthday

From 16 to 26 years (Cat 2)EUR 15,00per membership year***
from 27 years (Cat 3)EUR 25,00per membership year***
Family* (Cat 3)EUR 25,00per membership year***
Groups, Schools, Organizations** (Cat 3)EUR 25,00per membership year***

*) The family pass is valid for fathers and/or mothers and accompanying children to the 16th birthday with the same residence. Spouse and children with the same residence receive their own membership cards for free on request. (not necessary if you travel together)

**) The group leader card is valid for the entire group (from 10 persons) and will be issued for the group leader and/or his organization.

***) You are member of one of our Membership organizations? By quoting your membership number (e.g. ARBÖ membership no. 123456) you get a discount of 50 % for your membership fee! The Austrian Youth Hostel Association is holding the right to review the membership.

Validity Membership Year 2018

The youth hostel card for the current membership year is valid at the beginning of October 2017 until 31th December 2018 and can be applied anytime.

Become member of AYHF & Hostelling International:

To become a member is quite simple: Go directly to our online order form or come to one of our branches!