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Quality and standards

Your travel budget might be a little bit limited, but the quality of hostels, which Hostelling international offers, isn't! Our guaranteed standards of quality assure you a secure, clean and comfortful stay with a consistently high level of benefits and services no matter where you travel! All youth hostel organizations also try to operate their hostels in in an environmentally friendly way. Convince yourself and take a look again at the Virtual Youth Hostel.

The hostel standards will be checked by our highly qualified team of incspectors (so called "mystery-shoppers") and, of of course, by you! Please send us your feedback and tell us your hostel experience! Contact

Guaranteed quality

The quality assurance program (Assured Standards Scheme) of Hostelling International means that you can rely in our hostels on a consistent standard of service and facilities - wherever you may stay.

Compliance with the quality assurance program is monitored by continous visits of the Hostelling International inspection teams. These inspections are for the hostels without - so our inspectors get the same impressions as you! In addition, we regularly send backpackers as "mystery shoppers" in our hostels - these programs assure that we meet your quality and service expectations!


Hostels are open for all people. If you are not a member, you can purchase your membership card here and book further hostels. If some of the parts of the hostels are closed, you have still access to all major facilities.


A good night`s sleep include fresh linen and enough bath room facilities. Meals and equipment  for self catering are offered in general. The next food shops are usually very close.


The highest hygiene standards, wherever you are!


For you as a person and your property, including lockers for luggage and valuables.


In showers, washrooms and toilets. Our hostels offer mainly gender separate bedrooms - but for request you get of course shared sleeping rooms for couples and groups.

Please send us your feedback and tell us your hostel experience! Contact