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Here you find a product overview of our partner
Vienna Insurance Group!

Member accident insurance

The Austrian Youth Hostel Federation offers its members who have the membership fee a group accident insurance as part of its service. This insurance is activated by paying the membership fee. Since 2002 our members have been insured by our partner and co-sponsor "Vienna Insurance Group", one of the largest Austrian insurance companies.

Coverage begins with the following day at zero hour after the payment of the membership fee and is valid for the duration of the membership term (maximum 14 months) and will be extended by paying the membership fee for the next period.

The payment serves as a proof of that insurance.

Important information:

Where does the insurance cover?
The cover is valid for trips around the world and around the Clock. Excludes accidents remain at a professional or paid employment.

What is an accident?
An accident is independent of the will of the insured event, acting from outside mechanical or chemical on the body and causes a physical injury.

What services are covered?

In case of an accident abroad, which causes a continuous hospital stay of more than 10 days, the travel expenses of the spouse/partner or parents to the injured member will be paid up to an amount of € 1.000,00. In the event of death the repatriation will be paid up to € 1.000,00.

What to do after an accident?
After an accident, please contact our central service department (Dept. L/23) and descripe how the accident happened or contact the Head Office of the Austrian Youth Hostel Federation, who connects you with the Vienna Insurance Group.

Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG

Agreement are the general conditions for accident insurance AUVB 1995 and the specific conditions under which collective accident insurance 1995. Unfortunately accidents occurring again and again - so the Austrian Youth Hostel Federation has decided to provide this minimum insurance in cooperation with the Vienna Insurance Group. Of course, we also send you by requirement insurance policies for foreign travel health insurance and baggage insurance.