Are there some more discounts for members?

Members of the Austrian Youth Hostel Federation, Hostelling International Youth Hostels and all related organizations can not only save during an overnight stay in more than 4.000 Youth Hostels worldwide. There are more benefits and discounts, we would like to present you on this page:


Lower Austria / Vienna - Krems I Melk I Vienna

Schifffahrt - © DDSG Blue DanubeLocation: DDSG Blue Danube (Vienna & Wachau)
Discover Vienna and the Wachau on bord of one of the five cruise ships of DDSG Blue Danube. Spend some varied and delightful time on the ship and enjoy the views of castles, palaces and modern buildings. With restaurants on board!

Discount for members:
With member-card: 10% discount for adults, 20% discount for students, 50% discount for children age 10-15, children age 0-9 free.
Valid on the lines Vienna and Wachau


Salzburg - St. Gilgen am Wolfgangsee

© Christoph SammerLocation: Zwölferhorn Cable Car
In summer and winter alike, Zwölferhorn, one of the most beautiful vantage points of Salzkammergut, is an experience for young and old.

Discount for members:
Children and adults pay only the discounted rate for the ride with the Zwoelferhorn cable car and enjoy a breathtaking view!



© Panorama ToursLocation: Salzburg
Enjoy the Sound of Music Tour from Salzburg to the locations of the film Sound of Music in St. Gilgen and Mondsee.

Discount for members:
10% Ermäßigung

Link: Panoramatours

Salzburg - St. Gilgen am Wolfgangsee

© Benjamin Haas - fotolia.comLocation: Museum of Musical Instruments
The Museum located in St. Gilgen shows more of 2.000 music instruments -of foreign to medieval exhibits. This huge range of interesting instruments waits to be presented to parents and children!

Discount for members:
€ 3,- instead of € 4,- (adults)


Upper Austria - Bad Ischl

© EurothermenResortsLocation: EurothermenResort Bad Ischl
Spas in Austria and the spa town of Bad Ischl look back on a glorious past. The nobility of Europe stayed for curative treatments in Ischl. Even today, men and women indulge imperial in Bad Ischl.

Discount for members:
At the reception of the Youth Hostel Bad Ischl: Voucher for cheaper entry to the spa and sauna of the Salzkammergut Therme (available only there!)

Link: EurothermenResort Bad Ischl

Upper Austria - Linz

Location: Ars Electronica Center
Discover the "Museum of the Future", the place where all the diverse blends of artistic genres, scientific domains and technological directions are displayed and processed. Here, the emphasis isn’t just on interaction with exhibits on display; it’s on participation.

Discount for members:
Discount on admission for children and adults


Upper Austria - Linz

© Geigers City ExpressLocation: City Express
Discover the sightseeing highlights of Linz with the City Express. Informations are available in 8 languages.

Discount for members:
Teenagers and adults 14 or older: 2,- Euro discount
Children 3-14 years: 1,- Euro discount


Upper Austria - Mondsee

© Imre Forgo - fotolia.comLocation: Sailing School Mondsee
Rental of mountain bikes, city bikes and children's bikes for exploring the idyllic Lake Mondsee.

Discount for members:
1,- € discount on the hourly rate at the bike rental at the Sailing School Mondsee

Link: Sailing School Mondsee

Upper Austria - Mondsee

© Segelschule MondseeLocation: Sailing School Mondsee
The Sailing School Mondsee teaches all enthusiastic boaters – and those who want to be –  in various classes sailing and surfing.

Discount for members:
10% discount on sailing and windsurfing courses at Sailing School Mondsee

Link: Sailing School Mondsee

Carinthia - Bad Bleiberg

© Terra MysticaLocation: Terra Mystica / Terra Montana
Explore the mysterious world underground! The mine tour of the fabled, mysterious underground wonderland starts with the 68m long miners' slides. Thereafter the visitor takes the mine train - the only one in Carinthia - through the tunnels. The fascinating journey deep inside the mountains contains fascinating mystical shows of light and sound with water and smoke effects and tells storys starting with the formation of Earth and finishing with the healing power of nature.

Discount for members:
Reduced admission to the Terra Mystica or Terra Montana:  Adults  € 13,- instead of € 17,50 and children under 14 years € 7,- instead of € 10,-)

Link: Terra Mystica

Carinthia - Klagenfurt

© MinimundusLocation: Minimundus
Minimundus - the small world at Wörthersee: From the Statue of Liberty in New York to the Taj Mahal in India, from Borobodur Temple in Java to the Sydney Opera House and from the CN Tower to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome - you can visit all this trademark buildings and more than 150 more in about two to three hours. This costly and time-saving world travel can be made in Minimundus, the miniature world at Lake Wörthersee. Enjoy!

Discount for members:
With HI-members card: 20% discount on admission.

Link: Minimundus Klagenfurt

Carinthia - Klagenfurt

© Reptilienzoo Happ GesmbHLocation: Reptile Zoo Klagenfurt
No more fear of snakes - you´ll lose this fear guaranteed you when you visit the reptile house. Experience mambas, cobras, rattlesnakes, poison frogs, lizards, spiders, fish, giant tortoises in terrarium and outdoor plants. Don´t miss one of our feedings ....

Discount for members:
With Membership Card: € 1,- discount for adults

Link: reptile zoo Klagenfurt

Carinthia - Klagenfurt & Velden Cap Wörth

© Christoph SammerLocation: Lake Wörthersee
Enjoy the Lake Wörthersee at its best at a great shipping. Experience the Wörthersee a whole day with sightseeing boats. Stop the ride as often as you want, no matter what ship you want to go - so you can plan your individual Lake Wörthersee day. Marinas are inter alia Klagenfurt, Krumpendorf, Reifnitz and Schloss Velden Hotel.

Discount for members:
With Membership Card: Wörthersee 1-day ticket for adults € 11,20 instead of € 14,-
Children € 5,60 instead of € 7,-

Link: Wörthersee Schifffahrt

Carinthia - Feld am See

© Böhringer FriedrichLocation: Alpine wildlife park Feld am See
Experience Wildlife in the 11 acre animal park up close - with a large children's playground and a tavern. Petting Zoo - cuddling welcome! Other attractions: experience Africa, the grizzly world and the Fish Museum ...

Discount for members:
With Membership Card: 10% discount on admission

Link: Alpine wildlife park Feld am See

Carinthia / Slovenia - Postojna

© Postojnska JamaLocation: Postojna Cave
A fantastic complex of corridors, galleries and halls, a startling variety of karst phenomena and ease of access are the main reasons for the extraordinary popularity and number of visitors to Postojna Cave, who had already recorded 34 million visits in 200 years. The Postojna Cave (also known as Adelsberger Cave) is certainly the best known cave in the world. It is the biggest tourist attraction in Slovenia and one of the largest karst natural monuments in the world ....

Discount for members:
With Membership Card: 10% discount for the visit of the Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle.

Link: Postojna - World Famous Beauty

Followed by further discounts - they will be updated at this point. Stay tuned ... :)

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The discounts for Hostelling International members represent a unique advantage. That means you can save a fortune! There are many deals on travel, entertainment, museums, culture, shopping and more! Whether you travel the world or simply turn onto just around the corner, the HI membership card is always there. Your travel budget will go farther with our discounts!

Education First & Hostelling International:

Education First (EF) is the world leader in international education. Members of Hostelling International (in possession of a valid national or international membership card) receive now 5% discount at EF.

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